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Back to Back Split System Installation

All the wall mounted split systems on our website include this type of installation in the listed price.

  • Prices are for single storey residential homes.
  • Apartments and commercial properties may incur extra costs.
  • Includes refrigeration and electrical work.


THE CHEAPEST AND EASIEST INSTALLATION                                                          

What you get:

  • Outdoor unit positioned on concrete slabs or plastic feet
  • Up to 3 meters of refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables
  • Up to 10 meters electrical supply
  • Includes 1 Length duct cover (2.4meters)
  • Weatherproof Electrical isolator next to outdoor unit
  • Compliance certificates
  • 2.5kw to 3.5kw connected to existing power circuit
  • 5.0kw to 8.0kw connected to a new 20 amp circuit

These prices include both refrigeration work and electrical work.      

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Back to Back Installation Gallery

 Intermediete installations        Advanced installations

Photo 1

Photo 2

Basic Back to Back

The two examples on the left are basic back to back installations. The indoor units are directly behind the walls and the pipes and drain run straight down, no more than 3 meters away to the outdoor unit.

Price Example Photo 1

  • 7KW Daikin unit 
  • Basic back to back installation 

Total - $2900 inc GST

Price Example Photo 2

  • 7KW Mitsubishi unit 
  • Basic back to back installation 

Total - $2595 inc GST

The colourbond duct cover is matched as close as possible to match the house.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Basic back to back with extras

The two examples to the left are back to back installations with extras. The indoor units are on the same external wall but further away from the indoor unit.

Price examples photo 1

  • 7KW LG unit 
  • Back to back installation 
  • Extras (4m of pipe and duct) 

Total - $2865 inc GST

Price examples photo 2

  • 7KW Daikin unit 
  • Basic back to cack installation 
  • Extras (2m of pipe and duct)

Total - $2990 inc GST

Notice the colour bond ducting was matched to the two different colours of the wall in photo 2.


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